There was a time when understanding children and the role of the parent in raising them seemed more instinctual and more innate.  Now in the 21st century, parents and professionals alike often struggle to know how to guide, teach, and protect children, and find themselves inundated by behavioral techniques over wisdom.

 WisdomPath Way is a Brain-based, Relational LifeSpace model for parents and professionals who seek to deepen their understanding of the broader meaning and context of childhood and the role of the parent and other significant adults in the literal co-construction of a child’s mind and heart. 

WisdomPath Way encourages parents and professionals to view childhood within the larger framework of the Relational LifeSpace world in which children come “hardwired” to ask three questions about the world: What do we do? How do we do it? and Why do we do it?  This means expanding our view of children’s sometimes challenging behaviors as more than “terrible” or “willful” __ instead appreciating that much of the behavior we have labeled as mis-behavior, in fact serves very specific brain-based learning that yields mastery and discovery first of the body, then the emotions, then the world of objects, and ultimately the world of relationships and the rules that bind us. Only when we have a deep knowing of what behaviors mean and don’t mean, can we trust our instincts to guide, nurture, teach, and encourage.